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late night/early morning doodles

little catgirl aoba to become a sticker ububu

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ram mink ref for the anon who wanted to cosplay him uvu

info under the cut—

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storenvy updated with more options and preorders(*´∀`*)~

+ yukata and chiral night stickers can be bought as sets
+ deer aoba and ram mink acrylic charm preorders are up!

+ each order will come with a bonus dog ren sticker~

& a biiiig thank you to everyone who bought things so far /u\ <3

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aoba gets extra pretty things in his hair this morning uqu

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yukata vitri to complete the set www

now open for preordering

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luckykeiji sent: So, could I perhaps, maybe cosplay your deer Aoba?! Because I might need to double check my fabric stock then!

deer aoba is actually shrobs' design but we'd love to see you cosplay it !!!!

(she has more refs in her art tag if you go back to page… 10-ish i think??)

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shrobs sent: as your wife i demand cat girl aoba things xoxoxo

will do

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Anonymous sent: Hello yes I am not a pretty bara man BUT I want to cosplay your Ram Mink when I procure a sewing machine and fabric and materials for horns. Is that ok? Or would you rather I not?

oooh i’d love to see it !!! omgggg

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Anonymous sent: Do you think you'll ever sell some cat girl aoba merch? Maybe stickers?

if there’s enough interest, sure~

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sobs such grainy quality BUT ANYWA Y yaaaaaaay

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heyyyyy minkcest prints are up →

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at storenvy!!

(will be shipped out in early May like the other orders)

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prints available now!!

(come get your minao prints huehuehue)